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image  1 Stanzione 87 - Miami
January 30, 2022

#Stanzione87 - #Miami

87 SW 8th Street
Miami Fl 33130

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy #Pizzas

In less time than it takes to wait for the light to change on SW 8th Street in Brickell, you can run into this all-imported #Neapolitanpizza shop and watch your #pizza get fired in a blistering 57 seconds.

That #wood burning oven has become a local legend, spawning not only a line of pretty solid sandwiches (the #Meatball and #Mozzarella goes down especially easy after a long night out) but also a fast-casual offshoot inside the Citadel food hall called Ash! #PizzaParlor.

And for a time, #Stanzione offered a fantastic collection of cook-at-home vacuum-sealed versions that almost approximated the originals.